(Forthcoming) Hurricane Trinity, Unsolicited Press, December 2023

So Marvelously Far, Crisis Chronicles Press, November 2019.

Decomposed, Cabin Floor Esoterica, 2016


“Sever the Head,” Gordon Square Review. Summer, 2022. Online.

“Orange Pill, Yellow Wrangler,” Trampset. May, 2022. Online.

“Towards a History of the Opioid Epidemic and the Midwest-to-Florida Pill Mill Carpools,” Epiphany. September, 2021. Online.

“We Are Lucky We Are Here,” Bending Genres. August, 2021. Online.

“Deer,” The Reckon Review. July, 2021. Online.

“The Wren King: Three Versions,” The Tributary Reader. July, 2021. Print. 

“Drug Magic,” Atticus Review. May, 2021. Online.

“Riding Bikes With Devin,” Flyover Country. March, 2021. Online.

“The Osteo-Orchestra,” Not Deer Magazine. March, 2021. Online.

“Living in the Love or Only the Terror,” Reflex Press. March, 2021. Online.

“Oxyland.” Fictive Dream. 1 November, 2020. Online.

“The Bar at which We Watch the End of the World.” Flash Fiction Magazine5 September, 2020. Online.

“Mary and the Jeep Girl.” Main Street Rag. Winter 2020. Print.

“From Traphouse to Traphouse.” Inlandia. Fall 2019. Online.


“Visiting Ohio,” and “Home,” Ocean State Review, Spring 2020.

“New Life,” Oddball Magazine, July 2, 2019, (online)

“Withdrawal,” What Are Birds Journal 1.1, (online)

“5 Sonnets,” Asterism Literary Magazine, 1.1, (pg 20), (online)


Book Review: “Morgan Talty’s Night of the Living Rez,” Adroit Journal. May, 2022. (Online)

Book Review: “(Be)Longing in the Midwest: Identity and Experimentation in Counterfactual Love Stories and Other Experiments by Jackson Bliss.” Cleveland Review of Books. January, 2022. (Online)

Interview with Nathan Philips (Big Bend), on his album Radish. Tributary ReaderSpring, 2022. (forthcoming)

Book review of The History of America in My Lifetime by Brooks Sterritt. Mid-American Review. Spring, 2022. (forthcoming)

“Internal and External Landscapes: On Adam Thompson’s Born Into This,” Cleveland Review of Books. August, 2021. (Online)

Book review of  Lost in the Furrows by William R. Soldan. Flyover Country. April, 2021. (Online)

Book review of Virtuoso by Yelena Moskovich. Mid-American Review. Spring, 2021.

Book review of Cage of Lit Glass by Charles Kell.  Mid-American Review. Spring, 2021.

Book review of The Lines by Anthony Varallo. Mid-American Review. Winter, 2019.

Tender, an installation by Sean Merchant at The Pearl Conard Art Gallery.” The RibNovember 2018. (Online)

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