Manner and Means of the Conspiracy

At the corner of Halcyon and Silver,
A crime scene ribbon sashes the porch,
jack O’Lanterns melt on the stoop of a house
where no one, anylonger answers
the door, or even peers from the windows
where not even ghosts come knocking.

It was part of the conspiracy that
Tara and Ed had lived one year at the corner
of Halcyon Dr. and Silver Ln., One
magical year of marriage, of cutting
up, breaking down weight. One silver year:
pounds of coke, a television the size
of the picture window. Halcyon house.
Escalade, stacks of cash, re-upping
in Chicago, L.A. Salad days, laughing
at the irony in this very phrase.

Decked-out house, cursed abode,
haunted by yellow tape.

It was further part of the conspiracy that
it was raining at Halcyon and Silver,
while the sky was falling on South Main,
The police helicopter drum-battering the airspace
while Twon carries his naked mother
to the bathtub and eases her into the water.
As the door splinters inward she bounces
on hard silver ripples. He spreads
out her hand and puts the gun
in her wrinkled fingers. The weight
of the gun, pulls her under the water.

It was further part of the
conspiracy that in the kitchen, Tone opens
the cupboard, takes out his glock
and feels it turn to rubber, this alchemy,
– scuttle of dog claws on unfinished wood –
he was turning it to gold. Halcyon memories,
putting his hands automatically behind
his back. Which has he known longer?
This rickety house or one made of steel?

It was further part of the conspiracy
for Smitty to start driving and let loose
his phone out the window like an
erased farewell note and never see
anyone again. As he drove, the cops took
down Mad Dog and Black. Smitty opens
The door slowly, steps onto the berm,
He does as they say, putting his hands on
the hood like a blessing his son will never know.

It was further part of the conspiracy,
that when Michael Ginn was turned down
for his seventh job application
after getting out for the second time,
recidivism became a promise,
poverty, a guarantee, and heroin
a slick dream of halcyon and silver.

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